The 18th Conference on the prevention and anti-aging medicine

From 8th to 10th of June 2018 the 18th Conference on the prevention and anti-aging medicine of German Society for Prevention and Anti-Aging Medicine (GSAAM e.V.) took place in Munich. This time the conference discussed the two Nobel Prize winners for medicine in 2016 and 2017: the research of US scientists in the area of chronobiology and biological rhythms as well as the studies of Japanese cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi about autophagy and recycling of cellular components.

The conference also examined the latest developments in the prevention and slow-down of the aging process using stem cells. Under the auspices of this section Prof. Babayan spoke about the MIBRAR® method that he has personally developed. Due to innovative character of the method professor Babayan extended the scope of his lecture upon request of the Presidency. In addition to the main topic “Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy based on the example of lumboischialgia, disc degeneration in the lumbar, thoracic and cervical regions as an alternative to the status-quo therapy” another topic about reconstruction of joints and other structures of the locomotor system was discussed. The scientific presentation was chaired by Professor Johannes Huber (Medical University of Vienna, Austira) and Dottore Thomas Platzer (Munich, Germany).

The MIBRAR® method, which has been very successfully applied since 2014, caused a vigorous discussion among the colleagues. After additional explanations by Prof. Babayan the scientific society, based on a complex analysis of all presently available scientific studies about its efficiency and safety, concluded that the MIBRAR® method is scientifically substantiated.