MIBRAR® enables the reconstruction of damaged structures of the musculoskeletal system through regeneration by means of a body-own concentrate.

How to avoid endoprosthetics of the spine or joint replacement? Is it possible to do a procedure without an elaborate operation and general anesthesia? Can multiple joints be operated as part of a single operation? Is it possible to go home straight after a heavy spinal intervention? How do you avoid long-lasting rehabilitation?

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Prof. Dr. Arsen Babayan has the answer to all of these questions. In general, the answer is MIBRAR® Mikro-Invasive-Biological-Regenerative-Autologous-Reconstruction
Basic definition: the treatment method MIBRAR®, which was fundamentally developed by Prof Babayan, consists of a combination of exclusive micro-invasive surgical techniques and a stimulation for the regeneration of body tissue in combination with the reconstruction of body structures.

MIBRAR® uses purely the body’s own substances, which are extracted and consumed in a modified form. They are transplanted and enable a much shorter regeneration process, resulting in a complete and viable reconstruction of the treated section.

MIBRAR® involves the use of unique patented medical instruments and surgical devices developed by Prof. Dr. Babayan. The method enmeshes purely body-own substances administered via the proprietary instruments and consists of autologous stem cells, growth enzymes and other autologous components.

After some years of research and private application, this method has gained international recognition amongst selected patients and represents a revolution in the field of modern surgery. The regenerative process is stimulated by an autologous plasma which is enriched with growth hormones, proinflammatory factors, mesenchymal stem cells, as well as lipogenic stem cells taken from the subcutaneous fat region of the patient’s body. Separate stem cells, which are the general substance used in all procedures according to MIBRAR®, are applied to the specific problem area via the proprietary instruments.

MIBRAR® is specifically designed to use avoid surgical cuts in the patient, rather applying syringes to locally administer the potion. By consistently using micro dimensional instruments in combination with special navigational and target devices, the patient’s entire micro-invasive procedure is subject to maximum control, while minimizing the patient’s strain on the body. The procedure is performed using only autologous substances, setting in motion a sustainable healing process for regeneration.


Treatments are carried out using micro-invasive procedures and not surgical cuts. This reduces the risk of hemorrhages which results in a minimal loss of blood. The procedures are performed almost exclusively on an outpatient basis, and post-operative care is significantly reduced as well.

In almost all cases there is no need for general anesthesia. Local anesthetics suffice in most cases. Thus, the risks and side effects of general anesthesia are mostly eliminated which means that allergic patients can benefit from the MIBRAR® method.

The use of a purely autologous-regenerative concentrate results in no side effects or allergic reactions, nor does it result in post-operative rehabilitation such as caused by traditional surgery. MIBRAR® does not cause the patient to experience contra-indications with regards to existing diseases or daily medication.

Furthermore, there are no complications that can occur in comparison to normal surgical techniques [such as blood loss, infections, post-operative destabilization, scarring as a result of cuts, organ and structural injuries, implant rejections, or instability in prostheses].

Results of MIBRAR® treatments can be traced by traditional radiological or imaging techniques [CT, MRI, X-ray and sonography]. Result can be clearly seen or traced after only 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the type of intervention.

In addition to the short procedure time and outpatient method, a treatment according to MIBRAR® causes no further complications, no post-operative physical limitations and therefore no loss of work time! In addition, it is not subject to any age limitation in its effectiveness, as the regeneration process takes place at any age.

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The MIBRAR® treatment method is used in trauma surgery and orthopedics, as well as in neurosurgery that is performed in various areas and structures of the body. The aim is to contribute to the reconstruction of bones, cartilage, tendons, muscles and ligament injuries through regeneration. This is achieved by the use and administration of a purely autologous-regenerative concentrate without side effects and allergic reactions.

The overall strain on the body is minimal due to the use of special, patented micro-invasive instruments without the use of general anesthesia. MIBRAR® simultaneously allows for the treatment of several body sections. This way, joints or organs can be treated one after the other in sequential sessions. This way, organs positively interact leading to healing and a holistic rejuvenation of the body. Therefore, MIBRAR® contributes significantly to the improvement of the quality of life of patients.